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As a criminal defense attorney, Benjamin B. Grindstaff has represented a plethora of clients in the courtroom. He is an assertive trial lawyer, with years of in-depth experience in criminal trials and courtroom plea negotiations.

Benjamin B. Grindstaff has spent thousands of hours in the courtroom fighting for his clients. His experience ranges from first degree murders and serious felonies to DWI, traffic offenses, and other less serious crimes. As a lawyer, he has handled virtually every kind of case and defended his clients of virtually every kind of criminal charge. Benjamin B. Grindstaff takes pride in fighting for your rights. He believes in the Utah and United States Constitution protects all persons equally – regardless of race or skin color, political affiliation, financial status, religion, or any other governmental distinction used to oppress you. Benjamin B. Grindstaff takes pride in resisting and overcoming the police and the threat of the government.

Have you been arrested for a crime?

The necessity of getting immediate representation cannot be underestimated. In fact, there are actions that could be taken prior to formal charges that can impact the outcome of the case. Some individuals have been arrested and charged with a serious crime, but during the arrest, or in the gathering of evidence, procedural errors or violations of rights took place. Violations of rights should be investigated at once, as there could be opportunities to get the charges dismissed when the criminal defense lawyer has the opportunity to act quickly. In federal or state, misdemeanor or felony charges this can be a vital action.

Benjamin B. Grindstaff provides experienced legal counsel to clients facing a variety of criminal charges, including but not limited to DUI, domestic violence, drug crimes, probation violations, homicide, theft, burglary, violent crimes, and white collar crimes

In serious criminal cases, knowledge of the law is a necessity. A separate and vital bility is courtroom talent. How the case is presented, the quality of the case preparation, and the evidence submitted to defend the client is all part of a skilled and high quality defense. Our firm is committed to seeking the best possible defense for clients, and in presenting a compelling case on their behalf in court. No matter whether they are fighting to get charges dismissed, to get the penalties reduced or whether they are fighting to a successful verdict in a trial setting, they will always give their best efforts each and every time. So don’t wait! Contact them today to get the high-caliber representation that you deserve, (801) 268-1055

Calculated Legal Defense

Benjamin B. Grindstaff places his clients in the best position possible in their case. He examines the facts of each case and by adopting a dual-track approach, he simultaneously investigates the facts while mitigating the damage which is already done. Many attorneys claim to be aggressive, but that is not always the best approach to help you accomplish your goals. Far too often attorneys haphazardly take an "aggressive approach" with the courts and the prosecutors without regard for the consequences to the most important person, YOU! Benjamin Grindstaff will examine the best approach for you and your situation.