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Benjamin B. Grindstaff focuses on providing personal service and professional representation in divorce and other Utah family law matters for clients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. The assistance of a qualified, experienced family law attorney in Salt Lake City can make all the difference in your divorce or related matter Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney.

Divorce is one of the single-most difficult challenges most people will ever face, emotionally, financially and in every way possible. When you are involved in this situation, turn to a compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorney who has all the skills to assist you in your divorce. Benjamin B. Grindstaff will listen carefully to you, gaining insight into your case. He is committed to understanding and internalizing the personal details surrounding your divorce to help you make the decisions specific to a best-case-scenario outcome. To arrange a consultation, please call today at 801-268-1055.
Let Benjamin B. Grindstaff assist you in all aspects of your case, includin

Filing for divorce
Child custody and visitation
Child support
Division of property
Spousal support and alimony
Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
Separation agreement
Protective Orders

The Law Office of Benjamin B. Grindstaff, can assist you in your case. Call them today at 801-268-1055.

Salt Lake City Utah Legal Separation Attorney

Benjamin B. Grindstaff also provides assistance to couples seeking a legal separation. We will guide you through all of the decisions and paperwork that must be completed for the separation ensuring that the correct measures are taken to protect you in the future.

Utah Family Law Attorney

Our practice includes divorce and related matters as well as family law issues involving adoption and guardianship, grandparents' rights, domestic violence and protective orders, and more. Our Salt Lake City divorce attorneys place a strong emphasis on the value of mediation as an efficient and effective means of dispute resolution and offers mediation services in any family law matter. For experienced and effective assistance in your family law case, contact Benjamin B. Grindstaff in Salt Lake City for a free consultation at (801) 268-1055.